Large Mortgage Loans

A million pound plus mortgage can often be more challenging to obtain and whilst some high street lenders are now offering mortgages up to £5 million, their underwriting criteria is often too restrictive and not flexible enough for the requirements of High Net Worth borrowers.

We often find people who intend to borrow at this level have complex, unusual or mixed income streams and need bespoke funding solutions. Our experienced advisors will take the time to fully understand your circumstances and requirements to determine how to arrange your property finance in the most efficient manner.

At Nicholson Brown we provide personalised solutions for multi-million pound loans on residential, investment and commercial properties, along with the expertise to secure short term lending of seven & eight figures for development and bridging.

Why are large mortgages harder to obtain?

We are often asked by High Earners and High Net Worth clients why obtaining a multi-million pound mortgage can be so hard and the simple answer is, risk.

Even in relatively straight forward cases, for example, those with a high income from traditional means, can find a far smaller choice of lender, along with higher interest rates and this is because the main lenders prefer to spread their risk over multiple properties, which can be easier to sell/repossess than high end homes. Likewise, those on high income will typically pay off a debt far quicker than the average borrower, this is often due to their large amounts of disposable income or substantial bonuses.

Alternatively, it can be the complexity of a borrower’s income and assets. A high street lender works from a far more rigid set of rules to make underwriting quicker, whereas a private bank can take a more holistic view of an applicant’s circumstances and can also secure against other assets, for example, stocks, shares and trusts.

A discreet and responsive service providing creative large loan finance solutions.

Which lenders offer million pound mortgages?

As true whole of market independent brokers we source across the entire market incorporating high street lenders, private banks, smaller building societies and specialist lenders.

Private banks and niche lenders can tailor a mortgage to your needs instead of simply providing an ‘off the shelf’ product and provide a more unique way of underwriting their lending.

Lender criteria and rates are much more movable for mortgages over £1 million and we will analyse and assess a number of different ways to structure the loan. Mortgages can be arranged on either a repayment, interest only basis or a combination of the two and we are well positioned to obtain competitive interest rates and terms for your high value loan.

Who can we assist with a large mortgage loan?

Our advisors can secure million pound plus mortgages for:

  • UK residents, foreign nationals and expats
  • Employed and self-employed high earners
  • Earnings in a foreign currency
  • Those with wealth tied up in assets but low taxable income
  • Company owners utilising business profits
  • Large BTL portfolio landlords
  • Professionals
  • Law & Accountancy partners
  • Investment bankers and finance professionals reliant on large bonus income
  • Influencers with irregular earning patterns
  • TV and Media personalities
  • Professional sportsmen and women

Maximum Loan-To-Value for a large mortgage loan

Typically most lenders require a deposit of at least 15% to consider lending over one million pounds but we are able to provide funding up to 100% LTV if additional security can be provided.

Our Approach to £1 million plus mortgages

We’ll spend the necessary time to understand both you, your income and what you need to achieve. By doing so it will enable our advisers to discuss your requirements with lenders who favour this size of lending.

Discretion is always guaranteed.

Utilising assets under management

Due to the flexibility of underwriting available with private bank mortgages the lender will sometimes want to manage other assets, for example, your stocks and shares portfolio, as part of a condition of the loan. Whilst this gives the lender greater security it is also an invaluable way of enhancing the attractiveness of a very complex application for a multi-million pound loan to a lender.

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Your home (or property) may be at risk of repossession if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or loan secured upon it.

We do not charge for our initial consultation, however we charge a brokerage fee for residential and buy to let mortgage applications. The fee is dependent upon the complexity of your case and is typically up to £500, payable upon completion of the transaction.

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